Youth Engagement

Engaging youth in every scout activity and fields that show scout
movement in modern touch and especially aligned with the youth
developing plans in different fields that serve the youth programs
and informal learning. My contribution in this priority is categorized
by working hard to attract and enable a larger youth energy to
accomplish things together and global citizens will be able to
contribute in their communities to make a better world using
strategies that suit the youth today.

  1. Maintain required skills to overcome the economic and
    social struggles with motivating self-learning and training.
  2. Support involving youth in the future developmental plans and the
    different life aspects to deal with local issues that affect societies
    and youth.
  3. Train youths in Education, Health, Economy and Culture

Governance is the backbone to achieve all of the priorities because successful governance raises the scouting work and makes it easier to develop our goals and it contributes in Membership Development and unity of scouts In the last 6 years I gained a very strong experience in Governance as listed below: 

Entrepreneurship and management of an educational institution.

Establishing and leading the Scout teams to building a system for this group based on the scout curriculum followed by the World Scout Organization.

Establishing several commercial projects and contributing to institutional work in which modern management tools and mechanisms were used, such as modern planning systems, results standards, performance indicators, overall quality and project management.

I participated in many committees for scout work at the national and regional level, and I was involved in the making of many decisions of of work committees in the Omani Scouts.

Educational Methods

Educational Scouting Techniques are basic tools in creating better world through activities and games that attract youth as well as the importance of being safe while applying these activities.

With all the different participations I have joined in, I have fulfilled my needs to build a deeper experience which made me capable.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and differentiation are powerful tools that lead to creation of ideas and projects. Differentiation in the programs and scout
activities will attract different age groups such as people with special needs who have the full ride to participate in the different scout activities as soon as there is a safe zone for Boy Scouts and guides to fulfill their needs.

Coming from the country of peace and safety – the Sultanate of Oman, the land that spreads peace within its community and defeat all types of racisms and replace it with religion tolerance and equal living rights strengthen my motivation as a candidate to deal with the challenges. I will work hard to share all my experience and culture to come up with the best of the programs and policies.

Social Impact

Youth is considered as the backbone of the communities. If we will be able to gather supportive and productive youth groups then we are going towards making a better world. Scouting should be that environment which provides The main source of positive influence to
those youths who in turn will reflect back to our communities positively.

Through our scout initiations that we started earlier to provide help and support like the quinch program that targeted workers under sunny weather, we were able to distribute around 4000‏ packages in three days annually for four years. Such programs helped me to be in touch with people and understand the community needs and their decision making.

Communications & Relations

Media channels are vital in each scout program which leads to success and partnerships. Such media has a major role to make our programs successful by granting the communication between us and the targeted people.

As I have worked with department of foreign relationships in the National Scout Association, it offered me a great experience to enroll in the Arab as chairperson for youth Counselors Committee through which I worked with my team to make the right changes towards better world.


I consider the decision to nominate myself for the youth scout advisors committee as one of the most important decisions I have ever made in my life in the pursuit of making and supporting positive changes to the entire world. We are looking forward to continuing what the previous committee has achieved in advance to develop the scout movement. Overall, we are one hand to support an efficient youth Scout system that develops and improves the world. We are fully aware that we are very close to achieving the organization’s vision 2023, so I say it clear to all members of this movement, “We are Too close.”